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Modular Synth Impro , 11/07/2015 concert Review by Loris Zecchin

(opening for Meridian Brothers) Dobialab Italy (2015)

"Opens the evening the electronic live set by JesterN. From an initial phase of broken contemplations (reminding of la Cluster), he moves on to rhythmic structures and melodic spirals of a mutant dna, never loosing himself and keeping a well determined direction. It's a very careful sound creation and modification, that reminds me of all the names in the end of the nineties / beginning of the two thousands releasing on labels such as Rephlex, Sonig, and do on... very impressive!" on "SolarIpse by Loris Zecchin 2015".


Wie je ook Bent (2014)

(Music for Chorography by Marie Goeminne)

"Deserves a special mention music by Alberto Novello. The development in his splendid composition parallels the dance language" on "TheaterKrant 2014".


Le Retour Des Oiseaux (2014)

"Selected as a finalist at the international electroacoustic music competition, "Prizes Destellos 2014".


Complete Communion (2014)

"Aggressive and psychotic ... a new and dynamic representation of the work of Don Cherry" , Antonio Ciarletta for BLOW UP

"Jazz-core interconnected with subtle silver spiderwebs. Fine taste, in line with Rune Grammofon. There is everything you need (color, taste, feeling and technique). Seems like they have fun making music and they transfer it to the listener. Loris Zecchin for SOLAR IPSE

"I cannot deny the credibility and unique beauty version of the Dutch-Italian musician of Don Cherry's songs." Леонид Аускерн (Jazz Kvadrat)


Hbar (2013)

"The resulting synthesis is a very interesting feast for the ears in ways that most ambient artists struggle to achieve, building non-linear step by non-linear step into a multitude of sounds that can be perceived as deeply as you please, depending on how much attention you can spare." David Murrieta (A Closer Listen)

"...a wonderful release, a feast for the ear and especially also for the eye. (Vital Weekly)

"hBar is a gratifying perceptual experience composed of sublime sonorities, a chanche which fully satisfies the listener." Nicola Tenani (Sounds Behind The Corner)

"hBar is strong on its own, slithery here, plangent there, the electronics avoiding the cliches that sometimes infect this area. It's a strong and unusual effort, well worth investigating." Brian Olewnick (Brian Olewnick's Blog)

"hBar is an uncompromised work, dark, and sometimes disturbing. The result of the digitally elaborated-flute is as intriguing as Fennesz stripped of any emotional hint." Manfredi Lamartina (Rockit)


Fragmentation (2012)

"The piece is aesthetically strong, with the tension between the mechanically precise sonic-visual elements and the frail viscerally of the dancer at the forefront of the experience. Most importantly, the piece strikes a good balance between transparency of the technical processes and the construction of a wholly conceived experience." Peer Reviewer of the NIME Conference 2012"

"This piece is very engaging both creatively and technically. The integration of music, movement, and video is very well accomplished. One of the more conceptually interesting and successful implementations of EEG control." Peer Reviewer of the NIME Conference 2012"


Clinamen (2010)

On la Jornada 2010, Mexico:
Clinamen Review